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Altus Luxury Living is one of the finest expressions of what can be described as a ‘contemporary global Indian’ traversing the world of fine living at its best. Over time, the brand has come to symbolize an extraordinary reinterpretation of quintessential Indian sensibilities in design, material and craftsmanship so as to constantly appeal to an ever-evolving audience.


The constant dialogue in unison between art and craft often treading into unfamiliar territories enables us to offer you a wide range of stunning interior solutions from one off bespoke furniture pieces to a full interior design service of an exceptional standard. The vividity of possibilities in imagination is brought to life through in-house capabilities in manufacturing of furniture, glass and mirror work, metal and furnishings. No wonder that every creation from our stable bears a guarantee of originality, authenticity and uniqueness. As Adetee, our mentor and Principal designer often says –“Live Artfully”.

At Altus Luxury Living, the possibilities are never ending, just as the boundaries keep ever expanding.

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